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Core Curriculum

Like all Massachusetts public schools, Argosy Collegiate Charter School is required to abide by state learning standards.  Our core curriculum aligns with the Massachusetts Curriculum Framework, which provides teachers, scholars and families with clear and shared expectations for what all scholars should know and be able to do at the end of each year.  Our students participate in MCAS testing as required by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and are held to the same assessment standards as all students across the Commonwealth.

As a college preparatory school, our middle school program is designed to ensure all scholars are well-prepared to access our high school program and participate in early college opportunities.  Scholars rotate through core subject area classes daily, which include ELA, STEM, Global Literacy and Math.  In addition, scholars are scheduled for a daily enrichment class 

and a support block.  Enrichment classes include art, gym, collegiate skills and financial literacy.  Support block provides an opportunity for all scholars to receive targeted literacy and math enrichment and intervention at their level.  

Our high school program prioritizes dual-enrollment and early college learning opportunities while also ensuring all scholars take the required courses and earn the number of credits needed to meet Massachusetts state graduation requirements.  Core subject area classes, which include English, Math, History and STEM, are taught both in-house and in partnership with Bristol Community College for dual-enrollment credit.  Qualifying scholars can opt-in to early college opportunities as early as Grade 9.  Scholars at the high school level have additional choice when it comes to core content and elective courses and are able to choose classes that best align with their interests and future career plans.

English Language Arts

Argosy Collegiate's English Language Arts instruction focuses on scholar engagement with meaningful, rich texts. Our ELA curriculum includes reading and analyzing novels, poetry and news articles as well as crafting sophisticated writing responses. Our ELA teachers facilitate rich discussions that push scholars to articulate their analysis using clear, scholarly language. Scholars develop their writing skills across different styles and use their knowledge of literature to argue different theses in their work. Our ELA teachers invest in providing personalized feedback to all scholars to ensure academic gains throughout the year.   


The Math Department at Argosy Collegiate Charter School instills confidence in our scholars as they become creative problem solvers. Each day, scholars are pushed to focus on the reasoning behind a problem and solution rather than on a formula or calculation. Teachers present engaging problems for scholars to solve both in small groups and independently, empowered by the multiple approaches they can use to solve one problem. Classes then come together to discuss strategies, refine methods, and identify key details in the problem that lead to an accurate solution.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Our STEM department brings hands-on science to scholars from 6th through 12th grade. Scholars engage in math, physics, chemistry, biology, aviation and more. Our curriculum is designed to encourage rich questioning, inquiry-based learning, and deep problem solving. Our STEM department builds critical thinkers who use their science knowledge to solve critical and real world problems in both virtual and physical contexts.  

History and Global Literacy

At Argosy Collegiate, our Global Literacy and History courses are grounded in English Language Arts skills as scholars use nonfiction reading strategies to analyze and interpret primary sources. Our classes investigate key ideas, events, and cultural interactions that have transformed our world and continue to impact our daily lives. Argosy Collegiate scholars explore society's key issues and historical events on a national and global scale in order to become critical consumers of information and debate their opinions using factual evidence from reliable sources.  

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