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Enrichment & Sports Programs

Intramural basketball for boys and girls, played on our very own indoor court.

Boys and girls intramural indoor volleyball.

Indoor soccer with 5 players per team.

Running Club offers a great way for students to exercise after school.

Students get to plant and cultivate fruits, vegetables, and flowers in our own garden. 

Students practice and perform choir music.

Etiquette Club teaches students proper etiquette to help them leave lasting impressions. 

Drum club gives students the opportunity to play and learn different percussion instruments. 

Students come together to watch and discuss Japanese animation.

Relax and stay in shape with the yoga club, which runs all school year. 

Students challenge themselves in the world’s most popular strategy board game in the chess club. 

Painting, drawing, sculpting, and more. The art club is a great place for students to express themselves artistically. 

Students come together to watch and discuss films of their choice. 

Our student-elected government members get to make important decisions for the student body. 

Similar to the Scholar Council, but members help plan school events. 

We Provide

Scholar Supports

Charter Schools in Massachusetts undergo a rigorous and highly detailed accountability process by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). DESE’s evaluation of charter schools is an ongoing process which determines the strength of our program, our fidelity to the mission and the vision of our charter,  ensuring access and equity for all scholars and families, as well as identifying any potential compliance issues with state and federal regulations for charter public schools. We are incredibly proud to share that our most recent evaluative experience with DESE called the Coordinated Program Review recognized our hard work and our focus on access & equity for all scholars, as we received a perfect evaluation of our special education program, which is a rare and difficult achievement, particularly for a new charter school! (We are awaiting DESE’s final report which we will post here for your review asap.)

At Argosy Collegiate, we believe that every child who walks through our doors can and will succeed. ACCS’ staff and administration work diligently and effectively to partner with parents/guardians as part of their scholar’s Special Education Team. The Special Education Team’s goal is to recommend applicable support services based on appropriate testing and assessments. These supports must meet the unique needs of each scholar with a disability. The intent and purpose is to assure an educational program in the least restrictive environment that will immediately provide the services on the accepted Individual Education Plan. Argosy Collegiate adheres closely to the state and federal requirements of the Individual with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA 2004) which outlines the laws and regulations that are meant to protect a scholar with disabilities and ensure that he or she gets the services and assistance that may be necessary to make effective progress. Therefore, it is our mission to determine and provide the supports that each scholar requires in order to meet the academic, behavioral, and social expectations of our rigorous program. Toward these ends, we have a comprehensive Scholar Support program that provides scaffolding for scholars based on each individual’s particular disability.

The Argosy Collegiate Scholar Support Department consists of the Director of Scholar Support and grade level special education teachers, a school adjustment counselor, and a certified ESL teacher. Each year we add additional specialists depending on the needs of scholars. We work collaboratively with the Fernandes Center to provide additional supports for scholars including a speech and language pathologist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, and a school psychologist.

Scholars on IEPs are regularly assessed in their progress toward their goals and benchmarks through progress reports written by support staff with input from grade level teachers. Progress reports are required to be sent at least as often as parents are informed of their non-disabled child’s progress.

Families with questions about Special Education, parents interested in participating in a Parents Advisory Council, or accommodation programs at Argosy Collegiate are urged to contact Mr. Jagannath, Director of Scholar Support to learn more about the services for scholars with disabilities.

Argosy Collegiate guarantees every child access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) by ensuring that all children are able to participate and be included in all activities, programs and services regardless of disabilities. This support includes accommodating eligible scholars, employees, applicants, and members of the general public in whatever methods that will provide access free from bias or discrimination.

Scholars who are eligible for 504Plans are offered accommodations which are implemented by all staff and facilitated by ACCS’ 504PlanCoordinator and monitored for compliance by our 504Plan Compliance Officer who may be contacted for questions or further information. Inquiries, requests, and complaints should be directed to: Mr. Russ, Dean of Scholars and 504 Compliance Officer.

Argosy Collegiate annually assess the English proficiency of all ELL scholars according to NCLB, Title I, and Title III Title VI, G.L. c. 69, 71A , 7; 603CMR 14.02. In addition, Argosy Collegiate assess the reading, writing , speaking listening skills of ALL ELL scholars even those who have opted out of ELL services, under ELE 8.

English Language Learners benefit greatly from our intensely focused literacy and support program for all learners. Supporting ELL scholars include the three tiers of language (structure, language or grammar, and vocabulary) as well as the four domains of language (reading, writing, speaking, and listening).

​Within our support staff, our MA licensed ELL teacher(s) works to not only identify levels of language development but also to support scholars’ progress and achievement in many ways including, creating schedules and individualized goals, provide instructional support for both scholars and staff and track scholar achievement data.

​Our support staff works to support ELL scholars both in the general education classroom as well as one on one or small group learning opportunities. We comply with all federal laws related to the education of ELLs but beyond that, we do whatever it takes for our ELL scholars to make the academic progress they need to be successful at Argosy Collegiate. Inquiries are encouraged to be directed to Mr. Jagannath, Director of Scholar Support and ELL Director.

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Students are selected randomly through a public lottery process, according to Massachusetts Charter School Laws.  Apply today for the next enrollment lottery!

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