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Scholar Supports

Argosy Collegiate provides a full range of programming to support scholars with diverse learning needs. Our most recent 2021 Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Tiered Focus Monitoring cycle is representative of our team’s commitment to ensure that every scholars’ learning needs are met.

Our special education staff provide individualized instruction focused on scholars’ academic success. We believe that with strong collaboration of the IEP team, including a scholar’s parent/guardian, every child who walks through our doors will succeed.

For More Information

Grace Szulak, Middle School Assistant Director of Student Services 617-1347

Kimberly Reynolds, High School Assistant Director of Student Services 536-1863

Our English Language Education program provides scholars with both small group and whole class instruction focused on developing their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills to increase English proficiency.

For More Information Please Contact

Sunil Jagannath, Assistant Executive Director/Director of Student Supports 740-0251

Six School Adjustment Counselors, as well as our School Psychologist, work with scholars who have complex social and emotional needs to ensure they can be successful in their learning community.

For More Information Please Contact

Tina Ingemi, School Counseling Department Head 904-9614

Our Nursing team consists of a full-time, certified Registered Nurse (RN) on each campus. They are trained to provide services and support to scholars and families that promote general wellness and healthy living to ensure that scholars are able to succeed in class.

For More Information Please Contact

Nurse Kelsi, Middle School Nurse 617-1351

Nurse Diane, High School Nurse (508) 493-4128