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The Foundation

The Argosy Collegiate Charter School Foundation supports community engagement efforts and philanthropic outreach in service of Argosy Collegiate Charter School’s mission.  

Through their partnership with Vantage in Philanthropy, the Foundation supports a number of philanthropic campaigns to improve our school facilities and continue providing a robust educational experience for all of our scholars.   

Board Chair

Paul C. Burke


Joan Medeiros


Kim Smith

Foundation Members

Kelley Collins​

Brian Murphy​

Fred Tirrell​

Michael Ronan​

Campaigns Supported by The Foundation

Argosy Collegiate Charter High School Expansion Project

We are grateful for all of the support for this campaign, which has enabled us to build a new, state-of-the-art MIAA gymnasium and an additional 25,000 sq. ft. of classroom, library and small group space at our high school location.  This campaign continues as we look to add a culinary arts program and an aviation program in the next year.   


With generous support from outside donors, we’ve been able to upgrade our technology environment and become a one-to-one school.  This year, all scholars received a chromebook to utilize at school and at home and our seniors were able to keep their Chromebook when they graduated.  We are planning to provide all scholars with their own personal technology moving forward and to continue the tradition of providing our seniors with a computer to take with them to college.