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Welcome to Argosy Collegiate’s new website! We are excited to share our program with you, whether you are an interested scholar, parent, trustee, staff member, funder, or community member. We opened Argosy Collegiate in 2014 to provide a tuition-free, college preparatory middle and high school program that propels this and future generations to and through college and prepares them for the 21st century job market.

We believe a small school environment allows us to truly get to know our scholars and what they need to be academically successful. We value our relationships with our parents and families and we work together to help scholars through the challenges that all scholars face through middle and high school. Educational expectations continue to rise across the state and we need to ensure that our scholars are prepared to meet those expectations.

We are in year five of our seven year growth plan, as we add 11th grade next year and 12th grade the year after. We are proud of the progress to acquire, renovate, and build new learning and wellness spaces for scholars. Two years ago, we bought our middle school at 263 Hamlet Street, and we are in the process of planning 10,000 square feet of new learning space at the high school on 240 Dover Street. This new classroom space will be ready for August of 2019, and followed by a brand new, free-standing gymnasium at the high school campus.

Through our partnership with Bristol Community College, our dual enrollment program continues to grow in our new high school program. At the mid-year mark of our second year of high school, our scholars have earned 369 college credits – tuition-free! Twenty of our current, hard-working freshman will earn nine college credits this year!

Our program continues to build here at Argosy Collegiate as we are less than three years away from graduating our first class of college-bound scholars, who will walk across the stage with a high school diploma, college credits earned, and a college acceptance letter! The future is bright and we’re excited to be a part of it.

We are very grateful to everyone who has supported the school since the inception – it is incredibly hard work to found and grow a college preparatory school, particularly in a Gateway City, such as Fall River. If you’d like to learn more, donate to the program, join the team, enroll a scholar, or become a board member, please let us know!

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